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Ready To Plan An Event Without Burnout Or Busting Your Budget?

Can I let you in on a secret many event planners probably won’t tell you?

Creating a well executed event that meets your business goals starts with math and the right strategy. In engineering and events I’ve seen projects take a turn for the worst because they did not CARE about the people or the numbers. Time, Money, Data. These aren’t sexy words like champaign, linens and lighting, but definitely need to be the focus of a solid plan. Even more so are the people who will support the plan and their energy throughout the process. With my CARE method I ensure that you:

Carefully Consider your goals, timeline, budget and bandwidth

Assess the Foundation of the team you have in place to support you and level off common misconceptions you may have regarding events

Reinforce the Structure of your event strategy with sponsorship and collaboration plans, as well as templates and customizations

Finally, I’ll help you Engage + Trust your plan & team so that you can have a phenomenal event

Let's Face It...

We have been cooped up in the house too long to then come to your event and receive a basic swag bag and watch your team scurry around to put out whatever fire is burning in the background. We need thoughtfully planned events that will wow us and remind us of how blessed we are to be able to gather together again. I don’t just want this for your attendees, but for your team as well.

I’m here to raise the bar and change the standard on event planning & design. Let me help you design experiences that fully reflect your brand, meet your goals and guide you to develop a strategy your team will thank you for. I’m breaking down my proven plan so you can execute a next level event.

Our Service Goals


To ADVANCE you event planning & design experience

To DESIGN a transformational experience without burnout or busting your bottom line

To ENHANCE your brand through live and virtual events

To help you CONVERT your intended audience at the end of the event


To allow your team to ENJOY the execution & experience of your event

To help you GAIN clarity with event strategy

To help you focus on the TRANSFORMATION that you offer


To help produce an ALIGNED event experience of the brand they know, love and trust

To help produce a next level event that WOWS them and makes them feel appreciated


Total Investment


Dedicated Day

Time Saving

Proven Strategy

Step By Step Guide

Post Day Support


one day and done..

Using my own CARE framework, you’ll get clear on your strategy & execute a high touch event that delights your audience... and your done in just one day. Imaging jumpstarting your event planning with a guide to help you navigate those commonly missed tasks. Imagine dramatically reducing your planning timeline and increasing your team's bandwidth. Imagine not having to blindly plan your next event hoping to break even.

An indepth event planning and design strategy day to align event goals with event execution to help convert attendees and deliver the desired transformation CEOs envision through live and virtual experiences.

At the end of your VIP Day you’ll have:

➙ An event strategy specific to your support team that meets your intended goals

➙ Execution plan for pre, live, and post event experience

➙ Design dossier for vendors

➙ Planning timeline

➙ CARE plan for team, audience & vendors



Weekend Experience

Time Saving

Photo & Video Assets

Promo Strategy & Templates

Post Weekend Support

VIP Experience

all the strategy with the content too...

This immersive weekend is an upgrade to the VIP Day. My team will curate the content needed to up level your brand and promote your upcoming event through a photo and video shoot. Get your full design dossier and converting content that will have you ready to shout about your event from the rooftops.

At the end of your VIP Experience you’ll have:

➙ All of the VIP Day Assets

➙ Video & Photo Content Shoot

➙ Marketing & PR checklist

➙ Social Media Content Strategy

➙ Customized Social Content Templates

Total Investment


Weekend Experience

Time Saving

Photo & Video Assets

Promo Strategy & Templates

Post Weekend Support





Monthly Retainer

Dedicated Planner

Sponsor & Contract Negotiations

Integrated Experiential Design

Event Execution Team

Full Service

one sentence description of the service...

Get my design and strategy expertise on your next event. I handle the details so you can take the stress of event planning off your plate... and I work alongside your team to design transformational experiences your audience will love.

This is for CEOs looking for a collaborative event planning experience where the research, negotiations, implementation are execution a done-for-you.

"I love Bree. She knows my community and is an integral part of making Command the Stage Live, content shoots and our Alumni Retreat possible. These events would not be possible without her."

Patrice Washington

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