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Hey Hey, Bree Here!

engineer turned event strategist, community builder & milspo mompreneur...

I am an Air Force wife of 9 years, mom of three and a purpose-driven entrepreneur that wants to make a difference in the world. Each day I get to work with change makers and sheEOs as I guide them to successfully leveraging live and virtual events to make greater impact. With B Carroll Events, LLC, my favorite part of the event planning, strategy and management process is always watching attendees receive the experience that was thoughtfully planned just for them.

"I'm an engineer turned experience strategist so I'm in it for more than JUST the pretty." - Bree Carroll

When I'm not planning profitable and post worthy events, I'm on the mic recording The EPIC Event Podcast to hit our million person impact goal. For fun, I love to hit the town and try a new restaurant or share a dish with friends locally or abroad. In my down time you can catch me on the couch watching a new romantic comedy with my cup of tea and cozy blanket. My superpower is bringing "hype girl" energy into any room so if you need a personal cheerleader for your scary idea or someone to get people on the dance floor, you know who to call.

Ready To Plan An Event Without Burnout Or Busting Your Budget?

Can we let you in on a secret many event planners probably won’t tell you?

Creating a well executed event that meets your business goals starts with math and the right strategy. In engineering and events I’ve seen projects take a turn for the worst because they did not CARE about the people or the numbers. Time, Money, Data. These aren’t sexy words like champaign, linens and lighting, but definitely need to be the focus of a solid plan. Even more so are the people who will support the plan and their energy throughout the process.

With our CARE Method I ensure that you:

Carefully Consider your goals, timeline, budget and bandwidth

Assess the Foundation of the team you have in place to support you and level off common misconceptions you may have regarding events

Reinforce the Structure of your event strategy with sponsorship and collaboration plans, as well as templates and customizations

Finally, we’ll help you Engage + Trust your plan & team so that you can have a phenomenal event

Imagine what YOur Business will be like when you tap into the power of events!

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Our Company.

The BCE Difference

"You don't go as far as your dream, you go as far as your team..." - Unknown

B Carroll Events prides itself in working with a diverse group of event professionals. Our event team has backgrounds that span from nursing, international travel, marketing and more. We also aim to curate the best creative partners to bring your event goals to life. The BCE team thinks outside the box, is solution-driven, strategy-forward and operates with a standard of excellence. We are the secrete sauce needed to execute impactful and transformational community, marketing and enrollment event for high performing thought leaders and change making brands.

"...people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

B Carroll Events In Action

Not sure where to start?

Start with CARE! Use our CARE Method Blueprint to Jumpstart your Planning & Goals!


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