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Glam Wedding Day Makeup

Today’s blog I had to bring in the expert, because although I love to get dolled up this is not my strength.   I had the opportunity to chat with Ja’Sona Pilgrim of JP Glams to bring you a few tips on how to have your best wedding day face!  She is a talented Makeup Artist (MUA) and has used her love of fashion and big stage performance to inspire her work.  She has been beating faces from New Jersey to Mississippi and continues to travel and eventuate the beauty of her clients.   Ja’Sona is sharing her glam tips for other MUAs and couples to be aware of so let’s jump right in!

Tips for the Ultimate Bridal Glam by Ja’Sona Pilgrim

“Always remember, her pictures will last a lifetime as well as these moments you get to share with her. Make it beautiful, make her feel beautiful & feeling like the Queen she is!” - Jp Glams

“Always remember, her pictures will last a lifetime as well as these moments you get to share with her. Make it beautiful, make her feel beautiful & feeling like the Queen she is!” - Jp Glams

1.       Before any make up is to begin you must always make sure you consider your brides preferred or chose wedding dress and hairstyle. It is known that makeup can be the ultimate accessory to any outfit or look for any event however, in Bridal, it must cater to the style of the dress and hair for a cohesive, elegant and overall beautiful finish.


2.       Pictures last a lifetime. With that being said it is important to make these life lasting moments a beautiful one. Take your time with your bride and her bridal party. For a smooth application be sure to set up a consultation for your bride so you know the exact look you want to achieve and the products needed. This helps with timeliness, efficiency to what she wants on her big day and a happy Bride!


3.       Be prepared! Preparation prevents poor performance and we all know there is a ton of performing and moving around on a Brides big day! Be sure to include products that are to help with sweating, lots of movement and long lasting. Prep the skin before any foundation. This includes moisturizer for hydration and a good solid primer to lock in that foundation. Full coverage foundation is always preferred for an overall smooth finish and be sure to use lip stain lipstick. A lip stain prevents a complete removal of the lips even during eating & drinking. My brides are always given a complimentary lip-gloss or lipstick so they have the ability to reapply as they need throughout the night.



How long should it take for Bridal makeup and her Bridal Party?

You always want to consider the bride and any last minute errands or any unforeseen circumstances the day of!

Always start early enough to give the bride at least 2 hours to get dressed & take pictures!

⁃       The Brides makeup is always done last, after her Bridal party!

⁃       The Bride gets no more than an hour and 15 minutes of application, if needed. Since all brides receive a consultation you know exactly the look she wants and should be executed beautifully yet swiftly but not rushed.

⁃       Bridal party makeup should take no more than 30 minutes & touch ups once everyone including the Bride is complete.

Ja’Sona Pilgrim, MUA & Denise Diaz, MUA team up for our fabulous Washington Wedding!

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3 Fs You Wont Want to Forget!

Working with military and busy couples who want a customized experiences is what I love most, but the most rewarding part of my job is probably bringing to light those common forgotten items that the couple can’t afford to miss.  Think about it.  With so many details to comb through something can easily get missed or overlooked.  What if it’s something near and dear to you?  Or something that can hit your pockets hard?  No worries!  I’ve got you covered.  I love being ten steps ahead of the chaos so my clients can have a stress free and fun planning experience.  I worry about the details so they can focus on what's most important, each other.

In my experience the wedding planning details that most people don't think about are fees, fashion and the finale! 


Fees- When pricing venues and vendors it is common to see eager couples budget for the quoted price and completely misunderstand that that price does not include hefty additional like taxes, gratuities, damage or setup fees.  Always ask for an “out the door” price quote to ensure you are budgeting appropriately.  These fees can be thousands of dollars and nobody want’s that type of surprise weeks leading up to the wedding.


Fashion- I had a couple do a beach wedding in Florida.  The plan was for everyone to be barefoot in their cream tuxedos and ladies wore gold sandals. Great right!  Wrong.  After the beach ceremony was over the reception took place indoors and of course gentlemen wanted to put on their shoes.  Well, ironically no one thought about their socks.  I’ll just say white gym socks and black dress socks didn’t cut it so we evened up purchasing a more appropriate option.  Needless to say, I carry a spare set of socks in my “day of ready bag” and encourage couples to consider fashion accessories and details when gifting the bridal party and families.


Finale- The wedding day ending, the cake has been eaten and champagne is running low.  Success!  But wait, there is more… Who is picking up the ceremony and reception items you’d like to keep?  Are you getting your wedding dress preserved or are you donating it?  Are you having your bouquet dried?  Did you remember to tip your vendors?  Did you order thank you stationary to send to guests?  Name change?  Insurance?  Finances? Everyone plans for the wedding day, but often forget about the post wedding planning, which can be more important. Thinking through these final details can help you reduce stress and set you up for a smooth happily ever after.


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