leasons learned

Year One

When you think of an infant turning one it is a major milestone.  So much growth and development takes place during that time.  We can say the same for us here at BC Works!  It is such a privilege to say that we have made it through our first year of business.  This year was filled with highs and many surprises.  It also had its challenges.  At every step of the way I can say we learned, grew and will be able to better posture ourselves for the future.  There is our take on year one, good and bad.

Reflecting on year one is tricky as it depends on the perspective taken with the review.  This year we continued to strive to show a brand that is well rounded in our three areas of arrangements, planning and events.  I’d say our favorite moments were Purpleptic, an event that raised funds and awareness for the Epilepsy Foundation of Louisiana and Wakanda Mixer, which provided an evening to mix, mingle and discuss the highly anticipated Marvel Black Panther movie while enabling us to raise funds to send Shreveport students to experience the film.  Both were very different events, but they become our top picks because of the cause tied to the events.  Our biggest surprises came in the form of the pitter-patter of little feet as we welcomed a new member to the BC Works family! 

"They became our top picks because of the cause..." - BC Works

Now for the not so great side of the business.  We don’t mind being transparent as it allows our clients to understand our business practices and helps educate other planners on precautions that should be taken.  Our three big lessons for our first year are as follows:

1.       Scam attempts in the event planning business are real!  We love to provide service to genuine customers, however some may have negative intentions.  Requests for BC Works to purchase items, make down payments or any other exchanges without a signed contract, deposit or payed invoice will not be accommodated.  We want to protect the client and ourselves, which is why work is never done on an empty promise.

2.       Intellectual property (like concepts and designs) may not always be respected.  BC Works loves to provide innovative ideas and designs for every event or celebration.  We love thinking big and taking your concept to the next level.  That is why we love what we do.  Unfortunately, this is not always respected.  No worries!  This is where our Non- Disclosure Agreement comes into play.  We take pride in what we provide and don’t want our ideas or processes wrongfully taken or duplicated without our consent.  This guarantees the client a phenomenal and unique concept every time!

3.       It’s okay to turn down business.  I know this does not sound like a popular thing to do, but it makes great business sense.  We want to ensure that we are a great fit for our clients and are able to provide them what they need.  If we can identify early on that we are unable to provide the quality that we stand by due to constraints such as budget, timeline or other commitments, we feel it is best to respect each client and let them know that we may not be a good fit.  Saying no is hard, but may save both parties from a headache.

Overall, we had an awesome year.  We are so excited to continue to grow and take on new clients and partnerships.  Our team is growing with great talent and we are excited about the quality we will be able to provide!  Raise your glasses and let’s cheers to a great year knowing that the best is yet to come!!