FAQs for Wedding Planning Tech & Apps

Gone are the days of pen and paper to plan weddings, or at least for me that is.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still love to sketch and sometimes I’ll go sticky note crazy if I have a quick thought I need to get down, but ultimately I and other planners and brides are taking advantage of technology and apps that improve the wedding planning experience.  Below are three frequently asked questions I’ve gotten on wedding industry technology.  If you’d like to know more, simply email me or leave a comment.  Cheers!


How has technology evolved the wedding industry and wedding experience?


Technology has pushed the wedding industry forward by leaps and bounds.  The DIY bride can find tutorials on YouTube, the bride seeking inspiration goes to Pinterest and the budget conscious bride tracks spending using apps.  Industry professionals can extend their reach using video conferencing and virtual offices to conduct business and can increase productivity with management systems that reduce redundancies and keep information safe in the "cloud".  In my opinion apps have improved the wedding industry, but it is still the professionals’ responsibility to educate couples along the way.  One form of education is sharing the realities of cost in relation to the pretty images that are being pinned to boards or training them to use products to create a better service and planning experience.


What apps are changing the game for the planning of a wedding or the day of experience?


Photo Gathering App - Often times during weddings the couple will miss the majority of the moments going on.  The photographer expertly captures the beautiful moments the couple will reflect on, however for a quick glimpse of what's going on. I'd recommend a photo gathering app like wedbox or ceremony!  Guests can simple upload there pictures to your wedding hub and you can view them immediately.  This is great for the couple that may not want everything on social media or don't want to rely on guests using their hashtag when posting.  You even have options to get prints from the app.


Registry & Planning Apps - Big name wedding websites like the Knot, Wedding Wire and Zola now have apps where you can manage your registry, wedding website and even guest list.  These are quick and resourceful ways to have your information in one place and literally in the palm of your hand at any given moment.  Updates are quick and easy so it's a huge plus for planning couples.


How have brides and grooms upped the wedding must-haves by using tech, such as virtual reality, etc. on their big day?


Brides and grooms can now have a virtual reality experience of their wedding right in my office or their living room.  Planning features that I use as a wedding planner like All Seated allows me to do wedding layouts with details down to the napkin color.  With VR Goggles couples can walk through their ceremony and reception spaces and truly get a feel for what they can expect.  This is a game changer for couples who may be planning a destination wedding or are busy traveling.  Trouble shooting items for flow or compliance can result in an overall enhanced guest experience.


FAQs for Your Planner

I wanted to use this post as an opportunity to share some of the common questions asked to planners.  Please use these questions to vet professionals you are considering so that you can find your best fit.  Enjoy!



The statement here is one hundred percent true.  You can!  In fact, I planned my own wedding with friends and family.  This is definitely an option, however, I honestly would have rather enjoyed that time with them as opposed to running around trying to make things happen.  Check out the “Why This Planner Wished She Had a Planner” post for details.  Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with planning your own wedding however, the time consuming tasks can be unwelcomed if your life is already busy.  “What if the cake is not delivered on time?  Did I remember to pay that last vendor?  Oh no, I left something at home!”  All real questions and concerns that a bride should not be having while putting on the perfect dress or walking down the aisle.  Having a planner takes the stress and pressure off the couple so they can enjoy what is truly important.  I want you to enjoy every moment from engagement to the “I dos” because that is what you deserve.



Yes!  The key is to find the right fit for you, the couple, and your budget.  I am not the planner for everyone and that is okay!  I provide services that are tailored to you.  What does that mean?  It means you don’t pay for what you don’t want or need and we invest wisely on areas that will make the day what you want it to be.  With my expertise and relationships, I can guide you through prioritizing what’s most important, help pair you with complementary vendors and keep you from wasting money on things that don’t fit your needs. 



Of course not!  Think of me as the ring master.  We plan out a customized wedding that will have guests smiling from ear to ear as they experience an event that is uniquely your own.  You are the star in the spotlight, as you should be, and I’m ensuring that you shine brilliantly.  I’m juggling of the budget, raising the bar on exquisite meal choices and assisting vendors in jumping through hoops with easy as it all comes together flawlessly.  I’ve done very traditional and corporate events as well as modern and glamourous events!  I pride myself in making your dream a reality.  If your vision is a little blurry, I’m right here to shed light on the possibilities.  Overall, I do not discriminate and service all ceremonies and styles.



I’m Bree.  Each day I get to work with loving, thoughtful and fabulous couples who want a memorable wedding with attention to detail that is reflective of who they are.  I have the opportunity to give them a stress free and unparalleled planning experience.  What you may not know is that I’m a military spouse and have an engineering background, so problem solving, design and being flexible is what I do best.  I pride myself in personally connecting with each client and believe that EVERY MOMENT is worth celebrating!  I want you to enjoy every moment together, even during planning, as the wedding is only the launch event to a phenomenal marriage.  For me there is nothing like cultivating a color palate, curating details to match an individuals’ style and marrying all elements of taste, sound and visual décor to create a moment that is remembered for a lifetime.  Why?  Because the weddings and events I do are like my gift to each client, which surpasses any investment.  I’d love to make this happen with you.