Quick Guide To Summer Wedding Dos & Don'ts

2019 Summer is upon us and busy couples are putting their finishing touches on details.  Here are a few Dos and Don't for you to consider.




- Stay hydrated.  


There is nothing romantic about having guests, your wedding party or even worse, the couple fall out at the alter because they have not drank the proper amount of water.  Ensure that you keep hydrated and provide guests opportunities to hydrate as well. 


- Have an backup plan.


Summer time can mean 100+ degrees, summer showers and thunderstorms depending on what area you live in.  This may affect your ceremony or reception so have a plan.  This may include a tented structure with a cooling system or an indoor venue to keep the party going.  Work with your planner or the venue to discuss options that are a good fit your you.


- Be vibrant.


Summer fun and fashion go hand in hand.  Choose colors like "living coral", the pantone color this year or others that bring vibrant and  trendy flair to your celebration.  Color, not your jam.  No worries!  You do not have to take this concept overboard and have your event look like a tie die shirt.  Find ways to bring pops of color into your design that stays true to your style and tone of your celebration.



- Skimp on the amenities.


You want guests to be comfortable and truly enjoy their time during your wedding celebration as some may be using their vacation time to travel to your event.  Budget to accommodate guests and make the trip a memorable one.  I love to see couples offer information on local attractions or provide welcome bags with locally resourced items.  Investing in experiences will truly make your guests appreciate your thoughtful planning and make for an amazing time for everyone. 


- Feel Obligated to a seasonal theme.


Just because it's summer does not mean you are obligated to a beach themed wedding.  Your celebration should be authentic and speak to your personality as a couple.  Ditch the sea shells and look at design options that are meaningful and tailor your wedding experience to be true to who you are.