Wedding Buyers Remorse

No one likes the idea of having post wedding buyers remorse, but it is a real thing.  In most cases it is related to outside influences.  Purchases made to satisfy other as opposed to the couple or without considering the type of crowd you have can lead to the after thought of "why did we pay for that?".  I ask couples when hesitant about making investments in items these three questions.


1. Where does this fall in your priorities?  It's great to have a wedding budget, but if the couple doesn't prioritize what is most important to them they may be stuck following a standard percentage based spending plan that doesn't satisfy what they want their day to look like. 
2. Will you regret spending this much on this item?  Let's just get it out up front.  If you are questioning the purchase there is definitely a greater chance you will regret it later.  Examples of this are buying a bigger cake for show, splurging on a wedding gown or  purchasing useless favors that no one takes with them and your stuck with after the fact.3. Who is this for?  Seems like a simple question, but you can be unpacking a lot with this one.  As I mentioned before appeasement spending is common.  There is nothing wrong with compromise and I encourage it, but depending on who is footing the bill a response of "my mom really wants us to get this" may not hold a lot of weight when balancing a wedding budget.  
These are few areas to look out for so you don't regret spending on your wedding.Wedding Venue - Will you regret overspending on ambiance as opposed to functionality like a working kitchen?Invitations - Many don't cherish it as a keepsake anymore so are you spending a lot for something that may go in the trash?Meals - Is a four course meal fitting for your guests?  Would you be happier with fun meal options that bring a little more personality to your event?Desserts - Guests may rather dance and enjoy drinks as opposed to indulge in sweet treats.  Where is this money best spent?Favors - Do you want to be stuck taking home 100 calligraphied sea shells, monogrammed items, stationary or anything else with your/the couples name splattered on it?  Think useful, functional and meaningful for your guest when investing in this option.  Sometimes going without a favor is better than regretting getting them.Entertainment - Will you regret paying for too much entertainment (band and DJ) or is one enough?  
Overall me biggest tip is to  know your audience and prioritize your spending.