SBC an Ideal Wedding Location

Shreveport and Bossier City are amazing sister cities with so much to offer the wedding and events community.  I’m excited to take a deep dive into these cities and the beautiful opportunities that are available to local couples and those looking to make Shreveport-Bossier City (SBC) a destination location.  It was actually my destination wedding location!  Being military we had family from all over, but mainly for New Jersey and Mississippi.  We figured it was fair to have both sides travel, but needed a location that could offer a little night life entertainment, culture and sites that would get guests excited to come (you know, besides the fact that we were tying the knot).  We looked around at different options, but realized very quickly that everything we were looking for was right here.  Let’s jump right into it!

Shreveport bride & groom

I have lived in and round SBC for five years and absolutely love how vibrant the city is.  Metropolitan flair with a little southern charm is what you will find here and I’m all about it.  Most couples from the south or have roots in the south are looking for that perfect balance.  Convince and accessibility of the city can be tempting until you are dealing with traffic jams and higher city prices.  The peaceful beauty of the south really sets a warm and inviting atmosphere, but when GPS and cell service fails you because you realize you are really out in the sticks, you may feel otherwise.  SBC is a great combination of both.  We are three hours from Dallas, TX and about five from New Orleans, LA.  Transportation to and from the city is a breezy.  Simply take a flight into Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) or get to Highway 20 and you can’t miss it.  This Northern Louisiana city is flourishing with great people and growing in opportunity every day.  From access to large convention centers and casinos to mom and pop shops and authentic Cajun dining, you really get it all when hosting a wedding or event in SBC.


What is your style?  Are you going for a modern, industrial space?  Something artsy?  How about historic site or even a barn?  From one side of the river to the other, Shreveport and Bossier can accommodate you.  Here are a few great spaces you may want to consider, but there are far too many to name!

·         Have an intimate ceremony at Stem Events.

·         Let your love be the most beautiful work of art on display at Art Space.

·         There is nothing more southern than a beautiful barn wedding at the award winning Sainte Terre.

·         A grand affair at 601 Spring Street is sure to wow any guest. 

·         Have a rooftop reception at the Remington Hotel.

·         Say “I do” in a modern indoor outdoor space like the Eleven Building.  

·         Start your new chapter in the historic Shreveport Scottish Rite.

Entertainment & Dining

When hosting a wedding I think it is extremely important to ensure your friends, family and guests have an amazing experience.  In SBC you’ll learn a little about laissez le bon temps rouler, let the good times roll!  There is always a festival, great food and things to do in the city.  Providing a city guide for guests is easy when pointing them to prominent casinos, family attractions like the Aquarium of Sci Port, and great dining in and around the city.  Night life attractions like the Louisiana Daiquiri Café and Flying Heart Brewery give everyone something to enjoy.


I love SBC.It makes my passion for planning memorable weddings and events a fun and exciting one as there is so much to offer here.Each couples experience may be customized to fit their crowd.They get the best of both worlds with southern charm and city comfort at a fraction of the cost that they’d pay hours away in bigger southern cities. If you are considering leaving this area to have an event, I’d recommend you reconsider and explore the possibilities in your own backyard.If you are considering planning an event in Shreveport or Bossier City, Louisiana, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with everything we have to offer.Come visit and see for yourself or let’s do some virtual planning.Either way I promise you will see why SBC, an ideal wedding location.

Shreveport Bossier City Wedding Planning

Glam Wedding Day Makeup

Today’s blog I had to bring in the expert, because although I love to get dolled up this is not my strength.   I had the opportunity to chat with Ja’Sona Pilgrim of JP Glams to bring you a few tips on how to have your best wedding day face!  She is a talented Makeup Artist (MUA) and has used her love of fashion and big stage performance to inspire her work.  She has been beating faces from New Jersey to Mississippi and continues to travel and eventuate the beauty of her clients.   Ja’Sona is sharing her glam tips for other MUAs and couples to be aware of so let’s jump right in!

Tips for the Ultimate Bridal Glam by Ja’Sona Pilgrim

“Always remember, her pictures will last a lifetime as well as these moments you get to share with her. Make it beautiful, make her feel beautiful & feeling like the Queen she is!” - Jp Glams

“Always remember, her pictures will last a lifetime as well as these moments you get to share with her. Make it beautiful, make her feel beautiful & feeling like the Queen she is!” - Jp Glams

1.       Before any make up is to begin you must always make sure you consider your brides preferred or chose wedding dress and hairstyle. It is known that makeup can be the ultimate accessory to any outfit or look for any event however, in Bridal, it must cater to the style of the dress and hair for a cohesive, elegant and overall beautiful finish.


2.       Pictures last a lifetime. With that being said it is important to make these life lasting moments a beautiful one. Take your time with your bride and her bridal party. For a smooth application be sure to set up a consultation for your bride so you know the exact look you want to achieve and the products needed. This helps with timeliness, efficiency to what she wants on her big day and a happy Bride!


3.       Be prepared! Preparation prevents poor performance and we all know there is a ton of performing and moving around on a Brides big day! Be sure to include products that are to help with sweating, lots of movement and long lasting. Prep the skin before any foundation. This includes moisturizer for hydration and a good solid primer to lock in that foundation. Full coverage foundation is always preferred for an overall smooth finish and be sure to use lip stain lipstick. A lip stain prevents a complete removal of the lips even during eating & drinking. My brides are always given a complimentary lip-gloss or lipstick so they have the ability to reapply as they need throughout the night.



How long should it take for Bridal makeup and her Bridal Party?

You always want to consider the bride and any last minute errands or any unforeseen circumstances the day of!

Always start early enough to give the bride at least 2 hours to get dressed & take pictures!

⁃       The Brides makeup is always done last, after her Bridal party!

⁃       The Bride gets no more than an hour and 15 minutes of application, if needed. Since all brides receive a consultation you know exactly the look she wants and should be executed beautifully yet swiftly but not rushed.

⁃       Bridal party makeup should take no more than 30 minutes & touch ups once everyone including the Bride is complete.

Ja’Sona Pilgrim, MUA & Denise Diaz, MUA team up for our fabulous Washington Wedding!

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Quick Guide To Summer Wedding Dos & Don'ts

2019 Summer is upon us and busy couples are putting their finishing touches on details.  Here are a few Dos and Don't for you to consider.




- Stay hydrated.  


There is nothing romantic about having guests, your wedding party or even worse, the couple fall out at the alter because they have not drank the proper amount of water.  Ensure that you keep hydrated and provide guests opportunities to hydrate as well. 


- Have an backup plan.


Summer time can mean 100+ degrees, summer showers and thunderstorms depending on what area you live in.  This may affect your ceremony or reception so have a plan.  This may include a tented structure with a cooling system or an indoor venue to keep the party going.  Work with your planner or the venue to discuss options that are a good fit your you.


- Be vibrant.


Summer fun and fashion go hand in hand.  Choose colors like "living coral", the pantone color this year or others that bring vibrant and  trendy flair to your celebration.  Color, not your jam.  No worries!  You do not have to take this concept overboard and have your event look like a tie die shirt.  Find ways to bring pops of color into your design that stays true to your style and tone of your celebration.



- Skimp on the amenities.


You want guests to be comfortable and truly enjoy their time during your wedding celebration as some may be using their vacation time to travel to your event.  Budget to accommodate guests and make the trip a memorable one.  I love to see couples offer information on local attractions or provide welcome bags with locally resourced items.  Investing in experiences will truly make your guests appreciate your thoughtful planning and make for an amazing time for everyone. 


- Feel Obligated to a seasonal theme.


Just because it's summer does not mean you are obligated to a beach themed wedding.  Your celebration should be authentic and speak to your personality as a couple.  Ditch the sea shells and look at design options that are meaningful and tailor your wedding experience to be true to who you are. 

Something Borrowed: Wearing Mom’s Wedding Dress

The brides wedding dress is usually one of her top priorities when it comes to planning and budgeting for a wedding.  The bridal gown is her way of showing her individual style while making her feel confident and beautiful on her big day.  It can also be a garment to honor a family tradition by wearing their mother's and even grandmother's wedding gown. 

I had a bride recently who opted to wear her mom's lace gown.  It fit her perfectly and she was ecstatic about it.  More and more brides are open to the possibility of utilizing mom’s gown as they walk down the aisle.  There are several benefits in considering this option.

  • Fashion repeats itself. 

The styles of the past always find a way of coming back in style.   Wearing a "vintage" dress that was passed down doesn't take away from the bride’s style at all and may actually be a great fit for an on trend look.  50’s bridal gowns are known for their sweetheart necklines, lace sleeves and some even with Ballerina-length dresses.  These are iconic bridal looks that early translate into today's bridal fashion.  In addition, the bohemian style that never really leaves fashion was in full swing in the 70’s and always makes a statement.  The boho pride will adore a vintage gown from this era.

  • Budget friendly option.  Maybe? 

Today most couples are investing in creating an experience guests won’t forget.  Saving on attire allows couples to focus funds on enhancements and special details to make their celebration special.  I absolutely loved the TLC show, "Something Borrowed, Something New".    The show basically goes through the process of transforming a borrowed dress and comparing it against a new dress.  The bride to be selects between the two and often their minds are changed concerning the borrowed gown once they see what it could become.  Often times the borrowed gown is a more cost effective option and hoes not skimp on style as it is custom made.  Here is the catch though, Kelly, the person altering the borrowed dress is a designer!  Not all alteration ladies and gentleman are created equal.  Some may be skilled enough to transform a garment, but many request a pattern.  A designer on the other hand has the vision to create something new.  This of course comes at a cost.  I would highly recommend going to a designer and having them sketch some concepts before allowing any transformation to take place.  Mom and bride will want to agree on the new direction of the borrowed gown and it makes for a fun bonding experience.  I cation you to do your research, ask if they have worked with your gowns material and ask to see some of their work.  In the wrong hands your treasured bridal gown can be ruined and you may still need to buy a new dress.  Ultimately, you can find new gown at the cost of the design depending on what you are looking for.

  • Honor and tradition. 

When a bride stands at the rear of the aisle framed in her veil it is a truly breathtaking moment.  I love to look at the guest’s expressions and the grooms of course.  When a daughter wears her mom's wedding dress the look on her face is priceless as the gown honors her role as a mom and passes on high hopes for the bride to enter into her next chapter as a wife.  Passing on a bridal gown is a beautiful tradition. 

Notes for Moms

Moms, my advice to you is to remember the purpose behind the wedding.  This is a day when your daughter gets to walk down the aisle surrounded by friends and family to unite in matrimony with the love of her life.  It's all about love.  If she desires to wear the gown you passed down to her to experience these moments, then that's fantastic, but if she wants to wear another gown that makes her feel confident and beautiful, that is awesome too.  With the focus of the celebration in mind it is easier to put aside any anxiety, stress or personal desires surrounding the question of "will she wear my dress?”

I do believe an old dress can translate into a modern wedding.  The ultimate question is the bride’s personality and personal style.  This is sometimes not considered when dreaming of seeing your little girl dolled up in a gown you once cherished.  Alteration of course is always an option, however at what costs?  If it is taking the dress in or letting it out with minor detail changes that may be equivalent to typical bridal gown alteration costs.  If you are redesigning the gown to fit a new bride’s style, it may be cheaper to purchase a new gown all together.

Look out for the emotional minefield of the bridal gown.  Let's be honest, finding the perfect wedding dress is already stressful enough.  When you add the emotions of a daughter trying to not let down her mom or a mother's hurt feelings, you are truly tip toeing around some dangerous territory.  So what should you do?  Uncover the mind!  Ask yourself, "Why do I want my daughter to wear my dress?  Would I be okay if it was transformed? If this dress worth putting additional pressure on my daughter?"  On the other side, I'd want the bride to ask herself, "What are the benefits of wearing the dress? Can you see yourself in the dress?" and again... "Is this dress worth putting additional pressure on yourself?"  Once mother and daughter have thought through these questions there may be a great opportunity to find common ground and move forward with whatever option is decided upon.

Still Not Sure

For my more hesitant clients with mom's who want them to wear their dresses, I often offer a compromise of wearing their veil or using elements like lace from the mom's gown on the brides bouquet handle, added to the hem, lining of the dress or on a handkerchief.  Other options may be to use the borrowed dress material for a dolls dress or as a pillow as keepsakes.  I recently had a bride who was excited to wear her mother and grandmother's dress during a bridal shoot.  I thought this was a beautiful way to honor those gowns and incorporate it into the wedding day without it being "the dress" at the wedding.

Making the Decision

There is really no “right” option.  Every wedding is different and each should be meaningful.  This is the best day of the couple’s life we are talking about here!  The bride should feel the love and support on that day and not be questioning if she made the right decision on things, especially not her dress.  Whatever the decision we want the bride to be comfortable and confident on her day which is what every bride deserves. 

Wedding Buyers Remorse

No one likes the idea of having post wedding buyers remorse, but it is a real thing.  In most cases it is related to outside influences.  Purchases made to satisfy other as opposed to the couple or without considering the type of crowd you have can lead to the after thought of "why did we pay for that?".  I ask couples when hesitant about making investments in items these three questions.


1. Where does this fall in your priorities?  It's great to have a wedding budget, but if the couple doesn't prioritize what is most important to them they may be stuck following a standard percentage based spending plan that doesn't satisfy what they want their day to look like. 
2. Will you regret spending this much on this item?  Let's just get it out up front.  If you are questioning the purchase there is definitely a greater chance you will regret it later.  Examples of this are buying a bigger cake for show, splurging on a wedding gown or  purchasing useless favors that no one takes with them and your stuck with after the fact.3. Who is this for?  Seems like a simple question, but you can be unpacking a lot with this one.  As I mentioned before appeasement spending is common.  There is nothing wrong with compromise and I encourage it, but depending on who is footing the bill a response of "my mom really wants us to get this" may not hold a lot of weight when balancing a wedding budget.  
These are few areas to look out for so you don't regret spending on your wedding.Wedding Venue - Will you regret overspending on ambiance as opposed to functionality like a working kitchen?Invitations - Many don't cherish it as a keepsake anymore so are you spending a lot for something that may go in the trash?Meals - Is a four course meal fitting for your guests?  Would you be happier with fun meal options that bring a little more personality to your event?Desserts - Guests may rather dance and enjoy drinks as opposed to indulge in sweet treats.  Where is this money best spent?Favors - Do you want to be stuck taking home 100 calligraphied sea shells, monogrammed items, stationary or anything else with your/the couples name splattered on it?  Think useful, functional and meaningful for your guest when investing in this option.  Sometimes going without a favor is better than regretting getting them.Entertainment - Will you regret paying for too much entertainment (band and DJ) or is one enough?  
Overall me biggest tip is to  know your audience and prioritize your spending.